Residential: The first 28 days is $3,750 due at admission. There is an exception if buprenorphine (Suboxone ®) or psychiatric care is included. Variable lengths of stay are available beyond 28 days.

Call for a phone screening.

Outpatient: There is a one time intake fee of $55. Each outpatient session is $45. Call for an appointment which can be scheduled within a few days.


Residential with buprenorphine (Suboxone ®): With private insurance covering medication co-pay, the fee is $4,555. This covers the 28 day treatment program, induction and three follow-up visits with the doctor and the co-pay on the prescription. With no prescription coverage, the fee is $5,405 to cover the medication.

If psychiatric care is needed with buprenorphine, there is no extra fee.

Outpatient with buprenorphine (Suboxone ®): Induction with the doctor is $300. Subsequent doctor visits are $110. Psychiatric care is included only for buprenorphine patients or residential patients.

Buprenorphine patients must be enrolled in our once-a-week outpatient substance use treatment group in addition to seeing the doctor for buprenorphine. This is a crucial component to a successful recovery.

Although we do not take insurance for buprenorphine services, patients with private insurers can file a claim for the fees they have paid, using our invoices with procedure codes.


If you are unable to afford the fee for residential care, and your private insurance will not cover this level of residential care, you may apply for public funding by your county’s health department, in some cases.


The Porto Treatment Center provides several other services including:

  • $300 for psychiatric evaluation, $110 for follow-up. No fee for outpatient buprenorphine needing psychiatric care.
  • Mental health care by mental health counselors, $55 per session
  • Urine and/or breath testing $20
  • Gambling Disorder treatment, $55 per session
  • Recovery Book Store
  • Religious Services upon request